All year round


2 to 4 people


Identification guides, Swarovski telescope and binoculars available on request


35 € / person (4 hours)
60 € / person (8 hours)


The price does not include the possible rental of additional transportation (cable car, 4-wheel drive vehicle, etc.)


Special prices for groups of more than 4 people, longer tours or those which last for more than one day.

Personalised guided walking tours to observe whichever species of birds the customer wishes to see (mountain or forest birds, birds of prey, water birds, etc.).


The routes will be designed in advance according to the target bird species in each case, with travel by vehicle between the different observation areas when necessary.

The tour will last for a total of 4 hours (half day) or 8 hours (whole day), according to demand. The birds will be observed using binoculars and/or a telescope.  GPS may not be used during the tour to take the coordinates of the site. No trips will be made to observe any endangered species, such as the Cantabrian capercaillie.